Arena Air-Speed Goggles

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  • Arena Airspeed Goggles
  • Arena Airspeed Goggles

  • Arena Airspeed Goggles


    Natural Fit

    The Airspeed goggles feature new air-seals which gradually compress against your face, without ever entirely flattening. This allows them to adapt to your face more naturally.

  • Arena Airspeed Goggles


    Less Pressure

    With larger air-seals within the eye gasket, pressure around the sensitive areas of the eyes and face are reduced for a more comfortable fit time and again.

  • Arena Airspeed Goggles


    Hydrodynamic Shape

    Alongside their comfort, the Airspeed goggles have a hydrodynamic, super light construction for great performance for competitive swimmers. The Airspeed goggles are FINA approved.

Arena Air-Speed Swimming Goggles

Arena are one of the most established and trusted swimwear brands in the business. They create amazing swimwear and accessories that are worn by the world’s elite swimmers. Now, they are transforming the way swimmers feel and see in the pool with the Air-Speed goggles, designed to be so comfortable that ‘you won’t even know they’re on’.

The Arena Air-Speed goggles provide swimmers with a new sense of lightness. With great quality, great comfort and lightweight construction, these goggles are perfect for competitive swimmers.

The greatest innovation of the Air-Speed goggles are the new honeycomb styled air-seals located on the eye gaskets. These flexible air-seals mould to the shape of your face progressively, to give a comfortable fit. As the air-seals don’t flatten completely, they provide the sensitive areas around the eyes with perfect padding.

Another feature of the air seals of the Arena Air-Speed swimming goggles is the wider coverage area of the gaskets on the face. Alongside the Progressive Compression technology, this also reduces the pressure around the eyes. Even though these swim goggles have excellent comfort, they still retain a hydrodynamic and super light construction for racing.

The Arena Air-Speed goggles are FINA approved and ready to race - perfect for performance with enhanced comfort. With these Arena swim goggles you won’t even know they’re on.

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